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New music from KYE, Lithe, Vv Pete, Lil Durk, J Hus and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. J Hus - It's Crazy

J Hus is back, and it sounds like he has a lot to say. ‘It’s Crazy’ finds him in his rapper bag, letting off scattered flows with an impassioned cadence. His raspy voice perfectly compliments the eeriness of the keys in the background, and blasts in unison with some bellowing sub bass. The wait was definitely worth it with this banger from Juju J.

02. Lil Durk - Pelle Coat

Lil Durk’s ‘Pelle Coat’ is a perfect scene-setter for his new album Almost Healed. It’s what you expect from the Chi-town veteran, with catchy melodies and autotuned croons gliding over a head-bop-inducing trap beat. His lyrical content, however, has levelled up, as he reflects on his last few years in a vulnerable manner. It’s a testament to his consistency as a hit-maker, and his growth as a human.

03. Lithe - All For What?

Lithe’s ‘All For What?’ slowly lurks into a state of ecstasy. The Melbourne artist’s croons are distant, sounding like he’s sadly serenading his love interest via voicemail. The instrumental is minimalist, consisting of melancholic keys that set the tone for his new EP Rest Assured, which you can stream now,

04. Yourboymars, BLXSS - Mood Like

This latest Yourboymars cut mixes nostalgia with new-wave talent. The summery-sounding production is reminiscent of early 2000s R&B, with guitar stabs serving as a companion to Mars’ earworm rap-sung passages. BLXSS’ deep voice serves as an effective contrast on the second verse, as he lets off a smooth and effortlessly flurry of bars. This one is bound to be requested in clubs across the country.

05. Vv Pete - Jordan 1s

Vv Pete’s effortless flex on the baile funk/drill/jersey club-infused ‘Jordan 1s’ proves once more why she is Australia’s baddest. Vv commands this track, delivering fiery vocal uppercuts and hard bars that to fit like a glove to Utility’s production. It’s another addition to the Acclaim All-Star’s fierce trifecta of music thus far and only the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come.

06. Dylan Atlantis - Weightless

If the word ‘escapism’ was a song, Dylan Atlantis sets the tone exactly right on ‘Weightless’. Taken from their new EP ‘Violet’, this track keeps you lifted above ground, floating into a dreamy abyss, peacefully serenaded by Dylan’s sickly sweet crooning and harmonies. The hush of a reverbed guitar melody tickles the senses in your ears, as you ease into an otherworldly place. It’s a gorgeous and syrupy tune that has a Deb Never/Blood Orange essence to it but still maintains a perfectly Dylan Atlantis sound.

07. KYE - 180

KYE floats over a seamless mixture of house and R&B on 180. Four-to-the-floor drums move this one forward as glossy synths soar over the top. KYE’s voice is soothing and soulful as she documents the inconsistent euphoria of romance. This one will get stuck in your head quickly.

08. JessB - Moment

JessB curates an atmosphere of catchiness on ‘Moment’. The afrobeat-inspired instrumental is laced with warm synths and urgent drum patterns bound to incite dance where ever it’s played. Jess commands the tempo with understated, woozy melodies that glide. It’s a bop.


BLK ODDYSY continues to his master his unique brand of R&B on this new track, referencing Erykah Badu’s famous “I guess I’ll see you next lifetime” line. His raspy, feint falsetto creeps into the nocturnal atmosphere of the production, which is spacious yet grounded by some thumping basslines. KIRBY matches this laid-back energy with perfectly weird warbles.


MUNGMUNG and 1300 ooze swagger on ‘ATTITUDE PROBLEM’. MUNGMUNG’s playful cadence and ear-catching flows bounce with the heavy 808s and synth bleeps of the instrumental, bound to pummel this one into your head. 1300, per usual, are in prime form, occupying the space with spitfire flurries. This is a match made in heaven.