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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

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01. Armani White - Proud Of Me ft. Fridayy

Armani White’s ‘Proud Of Me’ is a sentimental cut. He takes a moment to express his gratitude for the success he has accumulated while reflecting on the hurdles he hopped to get to where he is today. He communicates this through introspective bars that showcase his talents as a lyricist, and a guest feature from Fridayy enhances the emotion with passionate melodies. It’s a highlight on Armani’s new album Road to CASABLANCO, which you can stream now.

02. deadforest, AP - FOREST VS PURPOSE

deadforest snaps out the gate with ‘FOREST vs PURPOSE’. He bursts onto the beat with fast-paced braggadocious raps, propelled by deep sub bass and whistling synths courtest of Dera Meelan. AP also appears here, matching this energy with his moshpit-inciting delivery. It’s a display of excellence from two of Aotearoa’s best.

03. Miss Kannina - Blak Britney

Miss Kaninna’s ‘Blak Britney’ is a testament to her ability to always prosper, throughout adversity and everything life throws at her. It delves into her personal life in a way that’s both vulnerable and confident, displaying her resilience throughout an array of ear-catching raps. These verses are set to the tune of groove-filled basslines that are bound to get you moving.

04. Eem Triplin - TELL ME IM RIGHT

Eem Triplin’s latest single sounds like the audio equivalent of a Summer day cruise. It’s relaxed, thanks to the sonic scenery of atmospheric synths. Eem maintains full control from his position in the driver’s seat, approaching every corner of the production with his laid-back, woozy vocals. Towards the end, the instrumental tunes down in a chopped-and-screwed manner, reminiscent of the sun setting as you near the end of your trip, and the perfect conclusion to the journey of this undeniable jam.

05. Ceeko - Contact High

On ‘Contact High’, Ceeko sounds comfortable in his position as one of Melbourne’s fast-blossoming prospects. Every croon he conjures is unabashed in the joy it communicates, allowing his soulful rasp to command bouncy drum patterns, guitar strums, and some wobbly bass lines. Every passage he captains culminates in the tidal wave that is this song’s chorus, which yelps out from a tide of bliss.

06. Dylan Atlantis - Satisfy

Dylan Atlantis is in full dreamy mode on ‘Satisfy’. This love song at first feels lowkey, with shoegaze-y guitars fluttering through a fog of reverb. But as it builds throughout, Dylan’s warbles rise into shouty passages of serenade. Its mellow aura is perfectly suited to welcome the Winter.

07. Behind You - Big Buck

‘Big Buck’ is most likely not the best tutorial for aspiring hunters out there. At no point is it quiet, with bellowing bass and smashing drums catapulting throughout. At no point is it patient, as they come right out the gate with fiery raps and a shouty cadence. But while Behind You might miss the buck out in the wild, they definitely hit in the chaotic hype of this song. Skip the hunt this weekend, and mosh your heart out to this instead.

08. Not3s - So Far Gone ft. Mayorkun

Not3s’ ‘So Far Gone’ is a tribute to his journey thus far. He narrates his journey to becoming one of music’s superstars, referencing the trials and tribulations he had to navigate on his way up, and the push-pull struggle of not losing himself in the quest. This story is documented through his signature style of spacey afrobeats, and enriched by a standout hook from Lagos artist Mayorkun.


If you aren’t hip to BLK ODYSSY just yet, ‘ODEE’ is the perfect introduction. Sleek guitar strums flutter in the background to the tempo of rattling hi-hats and thumping sub-bass. BLK ODDYSSY uses the palatial production as an opportunity to put his versatility centre stage, toggling through R&B-adjacent croons, scattered flows that are akin to Carti, and quick-hitting flurries of lyricism you may be used to hearing on a Kendrick album. All of this paired together makes for something different and something that definitely hits.

010. Gucci Mane - Pissy ft. Roddy Ricch, Nardo Wick

As you hover over this new Gucci Mane track on Spotify, you can probably already tell what you’re in for. It delivers on all fronts, with an eerie trap beat that lurks with gloomy synths, and unleashes with subwoofer-exploding 808s. Gucci, per usual, is stern and swagger-heavy, with Roddy adding a sense of urgency through his rap-sung appearance, and Nardo’s menacing delivery contributing to the track’s hard-hitting bounce. Expect ‘Pissy’ to truly pop off in the clubs.