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Award-winning Canadian producer Kaytranada and up-and-coming musician River Tiber have come together for a new animated video series for Red Bull Music Academy. The series is called “The Junction” and aims to fuse the quirky origin stories of local musicians with the experimental art scene of Montreal, Canada (where the RBMA was based during the making of this series).

The second episode features Kaytranada and River Tiber doing a back-and-forth about their first experiences with music and how they subsequently collaborated with one another.

Kaytranada describes his first memories of music as being the 8-track tape his sisters recorded full of 90’s RnB. “I played that tape over and over and over growing up,” Kay says in the video. “That’s pretty much how I learned about music.”

On the other hand, River Tiber says he found music upon witnessing Michael Jackson’s performance during a Super Bowl Half-time show. “That’s the most badass thing I think anyone’s ever done, on that scale,” he says.

The video also explores the chance meetup of the two musicians, as well as bonding over sushi and many sleepless nights sharing music with one another. Who says bromance is dead?

Kaytranada recently won Canada’s prestigious Polaris Music Prize for his critically acclaimed debut album, 99.9%.

Watch the video in the gallery above.

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