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Japanese creative import, Lee Chapman, has released a new set of images showcasing the daily goings-on of the elderly folks of Tokyo. Chapman is known for using his Leica to capture stark, deeply personal images on the backdrop of Japan’s megalopolis.

With this latest collection, Chapman juxtaposes the burgeoning Tokyo society of 2016 with the lifestyles and environments of its ageing citizens. Most appear comfortable in the dated context of their immediate surroundings, with Chapman suggesting the city still embraces old-style aesthetics as much as it does profuse innovation.

Chapman has been a long-term resident of Tokyo since arriving in the city for what he originally thought would be a “year or two”. His work has appeared in The Guardian, Japan Times and New Statesman, among others.

Visit Chapman’s official website to see more. Check out images from his celebration of the city’s old-timers in the above gallery.

Weekly updates