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If the pop art cover photos that have been all over your news feed weren’t enough to indicate its popularity, the 300,000th visitor to Andy Warhol / Ai Weiwei confirms the exhibition to be The National Gallery of Victoria’s most popular one yet. From interactive art, to jaw-dropping candid photos of ridiculously famous people, to all the cat videos at the end that get you to spend an extra half hour there without even realising it—it’s one for the ages. It overtook Jean Paul Gaultier’s exhibition from 2014-15 that pulled in 227,000 visitors, and it continues to thrive. Currently, the gallery is ranked number 21 in the world for its global gallery visitor rankings, according to London’s The Art Newspaper.

Featuring more than 300 works, including the Forever Bicycles series and the Campbell’s Soup Cans, this record breaking exhibit is not to be missed. With only two weeks left, head in and get yourself a good dose of inspiration from two of the most creative minds with those nice AW initials. Still not convinced? Revisit our preview here.

Weekly updates