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If there’s anything that’s certain to set of some serious travel envy, it’s usually someone else’s account of their overseas trip. Your mates’ photos flooding your Facebook wall, perhaps a FOMO-inducing Snapchat here and there. The more we see of the world, while we’re sitting in our own homes, can either satiate our desire to experience other places or (more likely) make you spontaneously book the next flight out of town.

The recent trend of creating timelapse videos has definitely added to these feelings of restlessness (at least for me), with talented and well-travelled filmmakers allowing you to see so much more a place in a short time, thanks to sped up footage. Sepia Productions’ Keith Loutit and Michael Adler Miltersen have done just this, capturing the bustling island nation that is Singapore. Their new short The Lion CityII: Majulah which is borrowed from Singapore’s national anthem, “Majulah Singapur”, showcases the sometimes incredibly modern cityscapes of the country in what is a pretty surreal clip. While many of us have probably been to Singapore, it’s safe to say you’ve probably never seen it like this. Check it out above.

Weekly updates