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First look at ‘Eye Witness’ a photographic exploration of truth

Featuring 19 local and international photographers

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‘Eye Witness’ is a photo exhibition curated by Michael Danischewski that asks 19 local and international photographers to consider truth. According to the show statement, “The photographic medium is a conduit for the lived and the learnt, experience and imagined, ‘Eye Witness’ is an exploration into the truth as known from the photographers viewpoint.”

The show will feature works by an ensemble cast including: Luke Dobron, Carson Lancaster, Kingsley McLean, Jordan Madge, Nic Ojae, Jess Brohier, Caroline Tompkins, Gina Nero, Chris Loutfy, Jeremy & Claire Weiss, Wilhelm Philipp, Morgan Crowcroft-Brown, Jess De Mercurio, Shea Kirk, Andrew Johnson, Josue Hurst, Michael Danischewski, Jesse Lizotte.

‘Eye Witness’ opens January 19 at RVCA Cnr Gallery, 82 Stanley Street, Collingwood 6-8pm.

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