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Weekly updates

Illustrator David Irvine has captured hearts all over the web with his latest project. Re-Directed Paintings breathes new life into a series of previously loved pieces that absolutely reek of thrift-store kitsch by introducing them to a host of beloved pop-culture icons. First, Irvine went to every thrift-store, op shop and garage sale this side of the Mississippi just to source the kinds of nausea-inducing paintings that you’ve no doubt seen millions of times in waiting rooms, motels and gaudy households.

Next, he unleashed illustrations of characters taken straight from his favourite movies, video games, books and websites on the canvases – and the results speak for themselves.

All 51 pieces are selling quick on Irvine’s The Gnarled Branch Facebook page for around $150 to 400. Sure, most of the good ones have sold already, but there are still some absolute gems that need a good home. Just check out his reimagining of ‘The Last Supper’ which is currently going for $350.

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