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Jasper Wong creates mural for Designed on Surface series

"Don't paint yourself into a corner"

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Technology has definitely changed the way consume, promote, and create art. An artist’s tools no longer just include a paintbrush or pencil, and tech giant Microsoft are equipping creatives with more efficient ways to share their talents. One of our good friends, POW! WOW! founder and acclaimed artist in his own right, Jasper Wong, was first off the mark to utilise Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4—with a little help from the always handy Adobe Photoshop—in the design and completion of his large-scale mural. The end-result is expectedly awesome, with Jasper being only the first of 17 artists worldwide to participate in the art series. Check out some of the detail images, as well as a video, depicting the process and inspiration behind Jasper’s work. Keep an eye out for more stories like Jasper’s, as the project continues.

Weekly updates