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Kidult set to host solo show in Tokyo

Prepare to be offended

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Graffiti artist, Kidult seems to be constantly ruffling feathers and we imagine this time will be no different as he readies the world for his first solo show, Visual Rape.

A 40-second clip released via Vimeo teases the show, and is every bit as anarchical as you would expect from Kidult. The clip moves quickly between shots of fire, Karl Lagerfeld and footage from the Black Lives Matter movement.

The clip ends on an alight Chanel store, tagged with his name, in true Kidult style. This is a reminder of when Kidult painted “50% off Crisis Day Sale” on Chanel’s Paris store right in the middle of Fashion Week in 2013.

On his website, Kidult describes his work as “a battle against commercialism and a way of actively rejecting materialism and society’s hyper consumption. It is a game of action and reaction.”

Ever critical of high-end fashion and their perceived influence, Kidult believes “luxury brands appropriate graffiti for publicity, thereby pushing [him] to react by vandalizing their stores with real graffiti. These brands are usurpers, and they are, in their enterprise of stealing our culture, helped by the institutions that rule our society.”

Opening in an (as yet) undisclosed location in Tokyo, Visual Rape will be open for 48 hours from August 27.

Check out the full clip below.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

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