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Superheroes are cool, they do some dope moves, have some sick powers and have that whole, secret identity vibe going on but there is one thing they’re lacking. Superheroes just can’t seem to keep up with the latest fashion drops. Superman is meant to be this invincible dude yet he doesn’t even know who Gosha is (we presume)—keep up Clark.

Luckily for the comic fans who also like to rock the hottest kits, illustrator David Murray has created a series that shows superheroes donning the most lit pieces from the FW16 season. So if you’ve ever wondered how Deadpool would look wearing Maison Margiela (pretty slick tbh) or if Captain America can pull off Givenchy (also a needed upgrade from that patriotic lycra) then check out the gallery above.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

Weekly updates