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Top 5: Ryan Boserio’s favourite Melbourne beer gardens

The Melbourne artist takes us on his ideal pub crawl

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Melbourne artist Ryan Boserio is getting ready to show his latest collection of works. And when he’s not in the studio, delving into the complex ideas that make up his artwork, you might often find him in one of the many beer gardens found around his beloved city—mainly so he can enjoy a cigarette with his pint. We asked him to highlight his favourite outdoor drinking spots and you’ll probably be familiar with more than one of them.

His new show, Observance, kicks off with festivities on Friday January 15 and is an exploration of “the intersection of disparate and syncretic pop culture elements.” His passion for examining the human relationship with technology will be manifested in his new range of portraits on canvas and 3D masks which will surely make for an insightful start to your weekend. Or at least a more cultured way to experience your Friday beers.

Run through Ryan’s Top 5s in the gallery above and be sure to head down to The Compound Interest for art, beers, and the chance to see the artist himself. He’ll probably be out the front… with a dart and a beer.

New works by Ryan Boserio
Opening night, Friday January 15, 6pm
The Compound Interest
15-25 Keele St
Open until Sunday January 17


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