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With medical marijuana finally becoming legal in Australia today, it’s hard to even imagine living in a society where you might be able to enjoy some green without fear of negative legal consequences. Welp, these times used to be real life (just ask your parents) and thankfully people were also around to document them. Marc St Gil is a photographer who was commissioned by an American government agency, along with 99 others, to take photos for an environmental project. St Gil was specifically assigned to document the water and air pollution crisis around Houston, Texas, but it appears he also managed to capture some other natural phenomena in the area. A group of teenagers was chilling along the river, hanging out and blazing up, when they allowed the photographer to take a few snaps of them. The images aren’t unlike any other Sunday in the park you had this summer, except that they were taken over 40 years ago. #WATTBA

Check out a selection of the images above and see more from Marc St Gil’s Documerica series here.

Weekly updates