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WYD: The quickest way to spice up your week, September 28

Your weekly update on what's popping in the local art scene

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Weekly updates

If you’re anything like us and need a way to wind down after the Trumping fiasco that has been this week, then we’ve got some pretty exciting content for you. The best thing for all of us right now is to soak up some dope art that gets the better parts of your mind churning, in some hope to make up for the brain cells lost during any viewing of the presidential debate. Yep, this week has got the goods, with both local and international artists alike stimulating some serious “stamina” to help make it to the weekend. Be sure to have a flick through what’s on below and don’t let The Donald get you down.

01. Hopscotch - Melbourne

Graphic artist Swerfk ignored age-old advice and made friends with Salad. Fast forward two years, and this Wednesday marks the beginning of the duo’s collaborative shows together, titled ‘Hopscotch.’ As the name hints, we are looking at a wave of childhood nostalgia from a simpler time when morning cartoons used to be the only reason we would be awake at 6am on Saturday.

Held at Fiftyfive, the opening night will be helped along by Matt Nico and Patrick Stokes on the tunes (not to mention $5 beers) so be sure to head over to the Facebook event for the full scoop.

02. Perseverance - Sydney

The opening of The Japan Foundation Sydney’s event Perseverance: Japanese Tattoo Tradition in a Modern World pretty much has us booking plane tickets to check it out.

Showcasing work from seven internationally acclaimed tattoo artists—Ryudaibori (formerly Horitaka), Horitomo, Horishiki, Miyazo, Shige, Junii and Yokohama Horiken—the exhibition will feature life-sized photographs of the awe-inspiring full body tattoos, straight from the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles.

The night will open up with a message from curator and tattoo artist Takahiro (Ryudaibori) Kitamura, as well as one from Sydney-based artist Horisumi (Kian Forreal). Being the only western-born tattoo artist to receive a tattoo title from a Japanese master, his works will be on display as modelled by his clients. The event is looking huge, and with free entry for the opening on September 30, it’s definitely worth heading down so be sure to peep the Facebook event for more details.

03. 19 KAREN - Gold Coast

As of October 8,  Gold Coasts’ 19 KAREN Contemporary Artspace is set to open up three solo exhibitions: Jason Bryant’s For Your Viewing Pleasure brings Hollywood glamour into a stunning reality, with icons depicted in intense vibrancy. Monique Van Steen’s Inner Beauty stands to challenge society’s pressing superficial values. Ariel Katzir’s S T A M P is centred around making a mark that can’t be ignored.

As the largest contemporary art gallery on the Gold Coast, the team are dedicated to making a diverse range of art more accessible by providing a platform for emerging, mid-career and established artists alike. Such an impressive wave of talent isn’t one to be missed so make sure you check out their site and catch the exhibition’s opening night.

04. Off the Kerb - Collingwood

If you’ve been missing out on the work that Off the Kerb has been putting in to support local and international creatives alike, then their October exhibitions are the perfect time to get acquainted. Featuring a range of works from Brian Cheung, Tayla Broekman, Lauren Guymer and Sian Song, the gallery boasts a diverse collection that seeks to bring fresh talent into the spotlight. Check out the Facebook event for the details of the opening night on September 30.

05. FACE/FACE - Brisbane

Pretty much we could say it’s an exhibition by PHIBS and that would suffice. FACE/FACE is set to give the audience a very up-close and personal look into the energy behind the renowned artist’s work.

Bringing many of his recurring characters into the spotlight, the exhibition will explore his inspirations and follow the progression of his work from the colour theories and emotions that bring his larger works and street murals to life. Hosted by The Culprit Club, make sure you check out the Facebook event for full details.