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Another one of Tupac’s handwritten letters sold for over $170K

“I promise you one thing when I touchdown it will shake the world!”

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A 1995 letter written by Tupac to Nina Bhadreshwar, publicist for Deathrow Records, has been auctioned for over $170k. He was incarcerated in Clinton Correctional Facility at the time for sexual assault. The letter, addressed to young African Americans, beings with the question “Is thug Life Dead?” He subsequently attempts to dispel the rumours that had led him to incarceration. It’s raw and honest. “I got distracted by my depression and I stayed drunk & I needed 2 kill the pain. I was open 2 evil because I was not on point I committed the First deadly Sin of the GAME… SLIPPIN’!”

In the letter, Pac offers up some encouraging words to his fans and aspiring youth in general in the only way he can – by serving up some hard-earned life lessons and observations via some powerful prose.

“Avoid the PlayaHaters and evil envious ‘homies’ they will bring U harm. It aint all good my people,” he continues. “Be Aware! Hopefully this will do some of you some good. If it does then I don’t sit in Jail in vain… I promise you one thing when I touchdown it will shake the world!”

And, of course, no piece written by Pac would be complete without a direct shot at the haters.

“P.S. 2 MY ENEMIEZ, REMEMBER WHAT COMES AROUND GOEZ AROUND!!” This letter was never published; Deathrow Records nullified its presence. Tupac’s murder occurred roughly a year later. Check out the insightful letter in the gallery above. A signed Letter of Authenticity by Bhadreshwar accompanies the letter. Head on over to the auction site here.

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