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Attention! That’s french for, well, attention. La France has copped their best tourist attraction since the Eiffel Tower and we couldn’t be keener. The world’s first store entirely dedicated to the magic of Studio Ghibli has made it’s home in Paris for the next few months. Less of a pop-up shop and more of a pop-up castle, Château Ephémère gives a shoutout to the Empheral Castle in Howl’s Moving Castle.

The extensive stock is imported from Japan and includes toys, stationary, many fuzzy Totoros, DVDs, a Spirited Away music box that caught our eye and much more. Basically everything you could ever hope for in the realm of Miyazaki.

Posted at 26 rue Charles Baudelaire, 12th arrondissement, the shop will be open from October 22 until December 3. Of course, if you can’t plan a euro-trip under such short notice, you can always check out the stock online here and be sure to take a look at their Facebook page to prove this isn’t just wishful thinking. You can also take a look at some of the goodies that will be available in the gallery above.

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Weekly updates