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How many times do we have to say this: do not, on any level, fuck with Beyoncé. Do not even try. There will be enormous consequences. Kanye, during his Sacramento performance, obviously didn’t get the memo.

“Beyonce, I was hurt,” he started. “I heard that you said you wouldn’t perform unless you won Video of the Year over me and Hotline Bling... Now don’t go dissing Beyoncé, she’s great. Taylor Swift is great. We are all great people. But sometimes we be playing the politics too much and forget who we are – just to win. Fuck winning, fuck looking cool, fuck being cool.” Oh shit. The crowd were obviously a bit riled up about this. There is no denying Kanye’s musical genius but let’s not forget the notoriety he gained from defending Bey at the ’09 VMA awards.

A Kanye rant is not a Kanye rant without a Jay mention, though. It was only a matter of time.  “Jay Z, I know you got killas. Please don’t send them at my head. Just call me. Talk to me like a man.”

“Get ready to have a field day, press, because the show’s over.” And with that, the show was literally over.

Let’s just say, Ye and Bey fans alike were were not happy. One does not simply mention Beyoncé in a negative light.

I’m not sure how much more rivalry we’ll be able to take. Times are tense over in the States, that’s for sure. Take a look at Yeezy’s Instragram here, to witness the Beyhive in action. No chill, Ye. No chill.

Weekly updates