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Twitter reacts: Beyoncé owns the Super Bowl Halftime show

Let's face it, she was the only one people were waiting for

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In case you hadn’t noticed, a huge portion of the world—namely in the northern hemisphere—is currently watching a football game. But whether or not you’re into NFL, the Super Bowl Halftime Show should definitely be on your radar. Past highlights include Janet Jackson’s ‘accidental’ nipple slip, Katy Perry’s back-up dancer ‘Left Shark’, and M.I.A. giving the middle finger to The Man, are just a few that we can think of, off the top of our heads. With the announcement of Coldplay as the main act this year, let’s say that fans of the halftime entertainment were a little less enthused, until the Queen herself, Beyoncé, was added to the line-up. Welp, the show is basically done and dusted and it’s not hard to guess who stole it. Okay, so Bruno Mars did come close as he definitely held his own in a dance battle/musical mash-up with the all-powerful Bey. But come on, was anyone not watching Beyoncé just now? Twitter obviously had eyes for only one.

Oh, and she announced the Formation Tour? Needless to say, Beyoncé fans (and beyonce.com) are having a meltdown right now.

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