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The beef continues between Barnaby Joyce and Johnny Depp

Joyce says he will be Johnny's Hannibal Lecter

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The Barnaby Joyce vs Johnny Depp saga has continued after Depp appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show.

After the couple brought their two Yorkshire terriers into Australia illegally, the Deputy Prime Minister has made it his duty to hold the two miniature dogs accountable. After that cringey apology video, Depp hasn’t seemed very perturbed by Joyce’s power play. Speaking to Kimmel about the video, AKA Johnny’s “greatest performance ever”, when asked who had written the apology Depp replies sarcastically “a genius”. Depp then remarked that Joyce “looks somehow inbred with a tomato”.

In case Joyce threatening to kill the dogs wasn’t creepy enough, he has replied to Depp saying “I’m turning into Johnny Depp’s Hannibal Lecter, aren’t I?” he said. “I’m inside his head, I’m pulling little strings and pulling little levers. Long after I’ve forgotten about Mr Depp, he’s remembering me.” We’re not entirely sure this kind of press is going to actually improve old Barnaby’s standing with the people but he apparently seems to think so, according to the below video via ABC. And so it continues…

  • Words: Eleanor Beardsell

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