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The official T2 trailer brings the cult film into 2016

"So what you been up to... for 20 years?"

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The anticipation for the sequel to Trainspotting started building well before the film had even been properly confirmed by the production companies. Now that several teasers and the full cast have been confirmed, hype is at an all-time high, with fans getting their first real dose of what’s to come with T2‘s official trailer dropping overnight. As promised, all your favourite characters (and the original actors) are back and while the original became a break-out hit of the ’90s, the new iteration is well-and-truly set 20 years later and already feels a little too familiar for our liking. Of course, drugs, partying, and violence are still part of the equation, but there’s a definite sense of maturation in this one, with the crew dealing with the decisions of their youth well into adulthood. It’s dark, fun, and depressing all at the same time. This one looks like a winner already. Watch the trailer above and keep an eye on local release dates early in 2017.

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