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The world’s first clear coffee is here to make peace with your dentist

Meeting your caffeine needs without staining your teeth

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If you fall into the Venn diagram of people who love coffee, and people who want to maintain pearly white teeth, then this beverage has been made for you. Two Slovakian brothers, through methods that remain a mystery, have conceived the world’s first clear coffee. Their brand Clear Coffee, stylised as CLR CFF, offers a 200ml bottle of transparent liquid, made from ‘high quality Arabica coffee beans and pure water’. According to their website, the drink also claims to be ‘unique in taste and flavour’, as well as free from preservatives, sugar and sweeteners. Unfortunately, CLR CFF is not yet available in Australia, and at a price equivalent to about $10AUD for two bottles, I’m not sure if it would be a sustainable replacement to fuel my caffeine habits. CLR CFF’s main selling point as a coffee that won’t stain your teeth, as well as their frequent #fitfam hashtags on Instagram make it clear that their target market is people who are health conscious. Whatever the health benefits may be, its clean design, mysterious production method, and potion-like appearance only serve to further my claims that coffee truly is the elixir of life.

  • Words: Ikumi Cooray

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