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Watch: Learn how to roll a joint with Seth Rogen

The only instructional video you need to watch today

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Seth Rogen is the master of the stoner movie and that’s not just because he’s a talented writer and actor, it’s also because he knows how smoke weed well (and a lot). His latest collab comes from (of course) Snoop Dogg’s marijuana-focussed site Merry Jane, in the form of a video series called ‘Rolling with Rogen’. We’re not entirely sure what direction this is going, besides just watching Seth Rogen smoke a whole bunch, but the first clip is definitely one you’ll want to save to your bookmarks. All jokes aside, the actor provides very clear and easy instructions as to how he likes to roll a simple joint, including some of his personal tricks to make the creation and consumption process easier. So if you’ve been thinking that there’s something missing from your own joints, Seth might have your answer. And don’t worry, apparently it’ll take you “about a hundred” tries before you get it right regularly, but as they say, ‘Practice makes perfect’—and we have a feeling you won’t mind putting in the time to perfect this one. Watch and learn from Seth Rogen in the video above.

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