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Ever since Martin Shkreli came out to say he was the highest bidder for the Wu-Tang Clan’s latest album, Wu fans have been campaigning hard for the retrieval of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Albeit via completely fictional means, and preferably with the help of Bill Murray, but things continue to escalate. There was the ‘clause’ about Wu-Tang and/or Bill Murray having the rights to steal back the album, then there was the epic film script written about the potential heist, and now the saga has an animated ‘trailer’.

Courtesy of ProbCause and Elijah Alvarado, the short clip uses real sound grabs from movies and videos of all the interested parties, and pits our heroes against the album-hoarding pharma bro in what might actually make for a pretty entertaining movie. Or at least, a Youtube clip. And with the way things are going for Shkreli lately, we wouldn’t be surprised if this manifested in real life.

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