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Bugzy Malone: Life, Growth and Resurrection

With the release of Bugzy Malone’s newest album The Resurrection, we take a look at the inspirations behind the project; his near-fatal motorbike accident, settling his long-standing beef with Chip and recording in recovery.

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Manchester rapper Bugzy Malone has always worn the mark of a Grime scene outsider, having worked uncompromisingly to reach the level of his London counterparts. In true Mancunian fashion, Bugzy has flourished in the genre’s London-centric epicentre since introducing himself in a breakthrough 2015 Fire in the Booth radio freestyle and cementing his spot with his 2017 EP King of The North, which showcased Malone’s undeniable lyrical ability. Now further in his career, Bugzy is a stonewall in the international charts with emerging Manchester rappers crediting him as an inspiration in their own pursuit for music revere.

With the rapper’s highly anticipated return following a near-fatal motorbike accident in 2020, he further sets his standing as one of grime’s upper echelon. The Resurrection is Bugzy Malone’s fifth full-length project and his most rounded to date. Although he has released full feature-length projects before, The Resurrection could be described as formative in its design and structure, packed with introspective content and crisp execution and showcasing Bugzy’s growth throughout his career.

With a dynamic flow and memorable accent that has famously turned heads even in the UK, Bugzy uses The Resurrection to paint vivid pictures of the realities Bugzy was faced with after the accident. From the opening track of the album, his emotive lyrics are prominent “I got these millions in my account but still there’s grievance in my heart”—it’s clear Bugzy has something to say with this project and we’ve decided to break down some of the highlights—detailing the crash, his growth, making amends and Bugzy Malone’s inability to be conquered.

The Resurrection is out now via B Somebody / Virgin Music Australia.
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01. M.E.N III

‘M.E.N III’ is Malone’s first single back after his motorbike hit a car on the streets of Bury in an accident that left the rapper looking barely recognizable. On the track Bugzy details being in and out of the hospital with nurses suggesting he is lucky to be alive, Bugzy uses his scenario as motivation, encapsulating his drive and inability to quit. “Supposed to feel weak, but for some reason, I feel like the Wolverine”

As a rapper, Bugzy has always been revered for his storytelling ability and his ability to paint pictures with words and this track no different; “even though I knew I was hanging by a thread I told the nurse there’s no way I’m dying on this bed.”

02. Don’t Cry ft. Dermot Kennedy

‘Don’t Cry’ further illustrates Malone’s versatility as an artist, paired well with the selection of Dermot Kennedy on the hook, who rejoices “If life was a melody would the angels congregate and sing for me” evokes the Mancunian’s spirit as an unsung hero in the grime scene, with his continued ability to rise when counted out. However unwavering, Don’t cry, be a soldier / hold your composure” also speaks to the bigger picture of his life, as his near-fatal accident reinstated the value of living and served as a reminder of what he holds dear. Bugzy advises the listener to remain resilient in the face of adversity.

03. Ride Out

‘Ride Out’ is one of the standout songs on the album. It’s an anthemic song to dance to. With an energetic sample-lead beat and a jumpy hook packed full of triumphant lyrics, this song indicates the turn in the album towards a bouncier sound as Bugzy celebrates his area (0161) and his tight-knit circle—“couple day ones that have got me.” The song is one that showcases Bugzy Malone’s ability to steer away from grime and still maintain his lyrical skill.

04. Notorious ft. Chip

With this collaboration coming as a surprise to many, Chip and Bugzy Malone finally put an end to their widely publicised and long-standing beef which dates back to 2015 and saw both artists firing lyrical shots on record.

Six years later, the two grime powerhouses turn over a new leaf with a bouncy anthem that pays homage to classic 90s hip hop sounds and referencing to Notorious B.I.G and Gambino John Gott. Most notably, Chip explains that the pair have outgrown the feud spitting “See it’s time to show maturity and do it for the city, so me and B ain’t never going out like Pac and Biggie”.

05. Angels

‘Angels’ is Bugzy at his most unguarded, as he reminisces on the moments of pain he has persevered through in his career and uses his masterful storytelling ability to detail his struggles and growth. “I used to kick ball, but I couldn’t afford the Beckham boots. The song explores the life of poverty Malone was accustomed to as a child in Manchester, and details the motivation behind the dangerous lifestyle he once led; “had me in the off-license with the mask on saying everybody get down! I need pounds!”

This hardship is juxtaposed against the evergrowing success Bugzy has seen in his career, “I can’t believe I’m in films with Jason Statham” Malone reflects while currently in the process of filming with cult British director Guy Ritchie—the upcoming thriller is rumoured to include actors like Jason Statham and Audrey Plaza—a stark contrast to the young Bugzy growing up in the streets.

06. Skeletons

Skeletons is an expressive anchor to a well-rounded album. With no hook, it is Bugzy showcasing his storytelling in an unfiltered manner, something long-time fans have grown accustomed to from his earlier freestyles. “When it gets dark, I just bring them skeletons with me”— growth is a constant theme across the album and ‘Skeletons’ sums up the artist’s continual elevation well; “came a long way from Her Majesty’s prison and I like it better when the lyrics aren’t written.”