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Frank Ocean’s mum becomes everyone’s mum with this one tweet

Mum's just making sure we don't blow our pocket money

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Turns out we can’t blame Frank Ocean for making fans wait five years for his album: he gets it from his mum.

After the copies of Ocean’s zine Boy’s Don’t Cry flew off shelves and started hitting eBay for a cool $2000, we accepted that we’d probably never get our hands on a copy. But alas, enter Mumma Ocean with a promise that things are looking up.

Hopefully this means the zine will be finding its way into the general public’s lives at some point in the near future but it’s a theory we are hold on to with some slight skepticism. We’re sure she’s just trying to look out for us, but perhaps Katonya doesn’t understand that Frank Ocean fans really can’t be told to “hang tight” without a trigger warning after everything we’ve been through the past couple years.

That being said, if by some miracle we happened to have a spare two grand lying about it definitely would have been spent by now. So hey, at least she’s got our back. Thanks mum!

Pure love. :)

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