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Weekly updates

Melbourne is pretty packed with live music events all year round but next week, during Melbourne Music Week, this is elevated 100 times, and our friends at Ferdydurke and Section 8 are getting in on the action once again. For another year, the ZOO Live Music Safari is going down between the two venues and the line up is 100% worth risking a Friday morning hangover for.

Black Milk, Yeo, Average Rap Band, SAATSUMA, and Strict Face are just some of the artists heading the bill for this epic party. They will be joined by a quality crew of local and international DJs and musicians and it is, get this, all COMPLETELY FREE.

To get us vibing on the forthcoming event, we got five of the artists – TOP GIRL, Strict Face, Yeo, SAATSUMA, and Christopher Port – to share with us their favourite party jams (of the year, of their life, anything really goes here). Not only is it a great way to spend some of your humpday, this might even be a preview of how things go down on the day. Check out their selects below and maybe put in leave for the day after the event.

ZOO: Section 8 & Ferdydurke Live Music Safari
Thursday November 17, 4pm-1am, FREE ENTRY
Section 8
27-29 Tattersall’s Lane

01. TOP GIRL: Lady Leshurr – 'Where Are You Now'

“We are excited for this grime MC’s debut tour in Australia, this is definitely one of her biggest singles to date with the don, Wiley. Also peep that jumpsuit and yellow & black camo dacks!”


02. Strict Face: Jubilee – 'Wine Up'

“‘Wine Up’ by Jubilee has basically soundtracked the last few months, hands down – it wasn’t even THAT sunny in Adelaide when this came out, but it’s THAT catchy. I’ve wanted to play this tune in a set, but I’ve never had the chance yet. Maybe in Melbourne..”

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03. Yeo: Beyoncé – '7/11'

“Clap clap clap clap like you don’t care. ‘Cause you really shouldn’t care. Also, alcohol.”

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04. SAATSUMA: Motor City Drum Ensemble – 'Raw Cuts #6'

“My personal fav from the Raw Cuts collection (but pls listen to all six!!!). Danilo Plessow is a straight up genius, crafting together disco and house inspired grooves with warm harmonic chords and soulful vocal loops. This tune is sure to get the party popping and make you feel tingly inside.”

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05. Christopher Port: Ossie & PHRH - 'Ugly Observation'

“This track feels incredible which is why I keep coming back to it all the time. There’s also an epic modulation towards the end which comes out of nowhere…another reason why playing tracks through while DJing is way better than only playing 30 seconds of each like a douche.”

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