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Getting to know: Awful Records

A brief overview on the Atlanta-based oddballs

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Awful Records is one of the weirdest labels out there. Created by Atlanta oddball Father, Awful has set out to be the HQ for some of the most peculiar and innovative music today. Rappers Playboi Carti and Tommy Genesis have both seen their rise originate in the depths of Awful, and a slew of other artists continue to thrive in the DIY depths of the collective.

For those who are not familiar with the label, we’ve compiled eight of our favourite artists from the roster to introduce you to the wild world of Awful. Once you delve in, you’ll find flurries of hard-hitting rap cuts, eerie R&B and straight up some of the most obscure music you’ve ever heard. So sit back and prepare for some of the most interesting artists in the game today.

01. Father


Father is the head honcho of Awful Records. He’s a rapper, CEO, graphic designer, producer and a man of too many talents to count. He popped onto the scene in 2014 with his cult hit ‘Look At Wrist’ alongside Key and ILoveMakonnen, and has released 2 albums entitled Who’s Gonna Get Fucked First and I’m a Piece Of Shit. His straightforward, DIY sound set the stone for Awful’s whole aesthetic and has continued to see success over the past 5 years.

02. Abra


Abra is Awful’s head songstress. Her unique brand of eerie, minimalistic R&B incorporates elements of soul and hip-hop that aren’t common throughout the genre. While still undeniably an underground artist, her music has taken her on tour around the world. Abra is an important factor of Awful Records, as she broke the male mould of the label and showed that their vision and style can exist outside of the realms of rap music. Her debut EP BLQ Velvet dropped in 2015 and since has gone on to release her debut album Rose, and another EP entitled Princess.

03. Slug Christ


Slug Christ is as gutter as rap music gets, and it’s nothing but flames. The Atlanta rapper is druggy, hazy and off-kilter, traits in which morph a sound like no other in hip-hop. His delivery switches between lengthy moans and a fiery triplet flow, all while drenched in eerie, grimy trap production. Slug Christ has released 18 EPS and 13 mixtapes since 2007, making him one of the most prolific artists on the label.


04. Ethereal


Ethereal is Awful Record’s secret weapon. The Atlanta rapper/producer released his eighth studio album Mankind last year, showcasing a culmination of pure skill. His bass-heavy, occasionally lo-fi production set the scene for a lot of Playboi Carti’s early work and has proved to be the backbone for his lackadaisical rapping style.


05. KeithCharles SpaceBar


Much like Ethereal, KeithCharles SpaceBar is a rapper/producer, but with a slightly different style. His beats are more glossy and his flow is more energetic, solidifying his role as Awful’s sharpshooter. His 2014 album We’re All a Little Triflin is a huge collection of bars, proving to be his most mature and introspective release yet. With a slew of 808-heavy production credits and a strong, menacing flow, KeithCharles seems to be the go-to for Awful anthems.


06. Danger Incorporated


Danger Incorporated takes the direction of Awful into new territories. Made up of Louie Dufflebags and Boothlord, Danger Incorporated is a product of internet culture, with heavy Yung Lean influence running through their sound. Blending elements of hip-hop, pop, cloud rap and electronic, the duo’s Birds Fly By Night EP finds them both crooning and rapping over glittery, driving beats. Marking them as one of the most versatile releases on Awful Records yet.

07. Stalin Majesty


Stalin Majesty is probably Awful’s quietest member as of late, nonetheless, his output is fire. Stalin switches between a low, hum-like singing and aggressive flows to the soundtrack of eerie, orchestral trap beats. His last single ‘In Da Cut’ came out two years ago.


08. Archibald Slim


Archibald Slim is by far the most lyrical rapper on Awful Records. His songs feature in-depth detailing of the street life, as Slim recalls his drug-dealing, hustling past in the trap. His sound sports similarities to that of Jeezy and T.I, with raw cuts such as ‘I’m Drunk’ and ‘WWYD’ showcasing duality, introspection and passion. If you like your rap music poetically grim, Archibald Slim is the man for you.