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Acclaim's favourite new tracks from home and around the world.

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Don’t forget to follow our Spotify playlist too, it’s updated every Friday.

01. Giveon - All To Me

Giveon has packaged his two 2020 EPs together for When It’s All Said and Done… Take Time, with this new track ‘All to Me’ being the icing on the sake. Over oscillating production full of shimmering keys and poignant bass, the Californian crooner bellows to a love interest with his signature sincerity and smooth, baritone vocals. It’s further proof that Giveon is a solidified star in the alternative R&B world and a staple for your late-night playlist.

02. Blxst - Don’t Forget ft. Drakeo The Ruler

With his new surprise 2 song EP Just For Clarity, it’s clearer than ever Blxst is one to watch in 2021. The jack of all trades kicks off the pack with ‘Don’t Forget’, flexing his smooth
melodies and newfound success over moody keys and a tempo rooted in his West Coast
upbringing. Enhancing the vibe is a verse from fellow LA rapper Drakeo The Ruler, whose unique delivery and swagger making this an exhibition that’ll inspire you to talk your shit!

03. Planet Vegeta - Sailor Moon

Planet Vegeta has just dropped their debut EP Chi Chi, a collection of tracks that’s a testament to their diverse artistry and undeniable songwriting abilities. Our highlight is ‘Sailor Moon’, a glimmering cut that pairs their signature blend of R&B and hip-hop with the sounds of alt-pop. Video-game-like synths and a bubbly aura set the tone for the trio to let off anime references, comedic lyrics, and heartfelt anecdotes to show their appreciation for love, while still having fun. Check out this new cut now to add some always-needed alacrity to your Friday afternoon, and be sure to bump Chi Chi in full throughout the weeks to come.

04. Fousheé - Sing About Love

Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Fousheé is singing about love on this one, and goddamn, we want to sing along. Jangly guitars, and groove-heavy basslines swirl in the background of
Foushee’s raspy, falsetto vocals with a trance-inducing prowess. With tracks like this, 2021 is inevitably going to be a big one for this up-and-coming songstress.

05. Brent Faiyaz - Show U Off

With each Brent Faiyaz release in 2021, we get more excited for the album that’s hopefully
coming soon; ‘Show U Off’ is not an exception. This new single kicks off with an orchestra of
strummed chords, leaving Brent Faiyaz’s mellifluous serenade of smooth vocals to express their admiration for a significant other. The song closes out with crashing analog drums that take this journey from being a lullaby of love to a celebratory, sing-a-long anthem of romance. Brent simply does not miss.

06. Slim Set x Imbi - Heat Sink

‘Heatsink’ is the perfect title for this new collab between poet/vocalist Imbi and West Sydney
duo Slim Set, as it encapsulates the energy of trudging through the sweat of peak Summer
weather, and allows it to drain into a polymerized hybrid of sun-soaked soul and garage music. Over a crashing drum and bass tempo, both acts provide reminders to take a moment in overwhelming times and celebrate your journey thus far. This new track also serves as the first release on the new record label Pointer, whose roster also includes Telenova, Cavallo Nero, and a collaborative project between Ryan Fennis and Voidhood.

07. Jorja Smith - Addicted

This new single from Jorja Smith is another display of her glowing talent in songwriting. Her
passionate, melancholic vocals shine over atmospheric synths, reverberated guitars, and pulsating drums, singing a solemn hymn of a diminished romance. It serves as a prelude for what is going to be a huge 2021 for the UK songstress.

08. Central Cee - 6 For 6

The hype is real with UK drill act Central Cee and today he’s coming out strong with his new project Wild West, and an immediate standout is the opener ‘6 for 6’ which, simply, is massive. The lyric on the track ‘Put in the work 3 years for this, this ain’t no coincidence’ rings true as the West-Londoner tackles the gelding drill beat with an unabashed swagger, setting the tone for the bar-heavy pandemonium of the project. If you’re looking for controlled chaotic energy to hype you up heading into the weekend, Central Cee has you covered.

09. Kenny Mason - Pup

If Kenny Mason’s new track ‘Pup’ was a dog breed, it would be a damn Pitbull! Producing
the track alongside Julian Cruz, the Atlanta rapper pairs Memphis-style voice samples, distorted guitars, bellowing 808s, and glitchy synths that wouldn’t be out of place on an Oneohtrix Point Never record for a gnawing, dense, and ambitious smorgasbord of sounds. Over the top, Kenny’s minimalist melodies and fleeting, almost-lackadaisical triplet flows glide, creating a song that’s simultaneously atmospheric like ambient music, and abrasive like heavy metal.

010. Knucks - Los Pollos Hermanos

Knucks uses the prolific food chain in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul to symbolise this latest offering, as it’s fast, frantic and serves that dope. Over a vintage-style sample that wouldn’t feel out of place as elevator music, the Londoner flexes his confident delivery, ear-catching cadence, and stern bars that are as tasty as chicken wings, and as smooth as a lemon pepper sauce. This is the first release from Knucks in 2021, and we hope there’s many more to come.