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Her Sound, Her Story: a documentary

A film for women in music and those that love them

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Her Sound, Her Story is a documentary that’s not just for the ladies in music. It’s made for anyone who felt there was a need to spotlight the women who love and make music.

Created by friends Michelle Grace Hunder and Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore, the documentary features over 50 conversations with the likes of Sampa The Great, George Maple, Ecca Vandal, Kaiit, Woodes, and Nina Las Vegas.

The film kicked off to a roaring start with its global premiere in Melbourne during the Human Rights And Arts Film Festival, that was held in early May.

How did you meet your co-filmmaker Claudia? Was it creative love at first sight?

Claudia and I met around six or seven years ago on the set of the Diafrix video clip “Helicopter” that Claudia was directing. My friend Grace asked if I could tag along and take stills, and we have been friends ever since. I often work with Claudia on her video clips in some kind of capacity helping out.

Where were you when you decided to make a documentary about women in music?

I don’t know if the idea for a documentary struck me in a single moment, I think it kind of developed over a little bit of time. But it was after seeing the gender disparity conversation over and over and wondering what I could do to help move the conversation along. Originally the idea was just to do a photo series on women, but I realised pretty quickly the conversation was bigger and needed more effort put into it than just a photo series.

Her Sound Her Story Documentary George Maple George Maple (@georgemapleofficial)

What was most important to both you and Claudia when making the film?

I think the inclusion and representation of women from all facets of the music industry were really important to both of us. We both wanted as many faces as possible from all walks of life and experiences as women speaking about the music industry.

Can you describe to me what your introduction to ladies in the music industry was like? 

It was a slower introduction but I guess that is what sparked the idea really. My previous project was on the Australian hip-hop scene and I had worked with so many men in my career so far, which I adored, but I wanted to find out why fewer women were making music. Once I started searching, I guess my eyes were really opened up. They are all out there, and they’re all incredible, you just need to look for them. Now I have such a passion for telling people about female artists in this country. I’m like ‘go onto our website and there is a HUGE list of women and their links’ – seriously though, go do that!

Her Sound Her Story Documentary KaiitKaiit (@kaiit_isshe)

Can you tell me about your experience creating Her Sound, Her Story?

It’s hard to describe how many pinch-ourselves moments we had making this film. It really was a huge honour to speak to so many of the women we spoke to. There were many times we just looked at each other and were like ‘Wow, that was incredible’ after speaking to someone that was really raw and honest or perhaps told us something that we never knew about them.

As for Claudia and me, we often describe our relationship like a marriage and I’m already married so I can confirm its very much like that! There are always huge ups and downs, but I really think it was our friendship and our commitment to each other to get this project done is what got us over the line. For a film without any funding, which is an absolutely monumental task, we really funded the film on friendship and the friendships we forged with all the women involved.

Her Sound, Her Story Documentary WoodesWoodes (@woodesmusic)

What are your hopes for Her Sound, Her Story?
Our biggest hope is that industry people see it and it can facilitate some real conversation and real change. We all know the stats, it’s time we all work together to do something about it. Also, for little girls to be inspired to pick up instruments, that would be super cool to see a huge influx of girls making music for the next generation!

For those keen to get in on the action, the doco is still making the rounds with a final viewing in Sydney on the 11th of July. Tickets are available via Her Sound, Her Story.

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