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Iggy Azalea replies to Erykah Badu’s apology with ‘open letter’

Iggy is for the children (with good grades)

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While it wouldn’t have been wise to start any beef with Erykah Badu, Iggy Azalea has still come out and addressed the singer’s recent apology for shading her during the Soul Train Awards. During her Twitter Q&A, Erykah answered a fan question regarding the situation, saying that she was sincerely apologetic because her daughters are big fans of Iggy’s. In an ‘open letter’ (read: iPhone note), Iggy has tweeted back to Badu, acknowledging the apology and inviting her kids to one of her upcoming shows… granted the dates are confirmed and the girls (and their friends) keep “good report cards”. Check out the rapper’s reply above.

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