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So by now we’ve all (kind of) gotten our heads around the ode to french fries, aptly titled “The McDonald’s Man”, that made into Frank Ocean’s zine. Boys Don’t Cry got the Kanye treatment, with a poem to McDonald’s that is, as Joey Bada$$  puts it, “Shakespearian”. Yep, Yeezy is the kind of guy who would always say yes when asked “Would you like fries with that?”

It’s hard to picture Ye pulling up to a drive-thru but hey, we’ve all got to satisfy those apple pie cravings from time to time. The poem itself was pretty hard to imagine coming to life as well, so luckily for us, Badmon came through with a recital for HOT97’s Megan Ryte.

It’s pretty classic hearing Kanye call out a patty, because when has Ye ever shied away from calling out the fakes? A spokesperson for McDonalds has since addressed both the support and lowkey diss the company copped in the poem with this statement to TIME: “We’re lovin’ the love for McDonald’s World Famous Fries and Apple Pies. Like the beef in our burgers our love for our fans’ creativity is 100 percent.”

Well, catch you later Taylor Swift because it seems Kanye’s next celebrity beef might literally be with a burger. Personally, we think this makes Ye pretty perfect for an upcoming episode of Meat Ups, but while we tackle that impossible request, enjoy Joey’s rendition of “McDonald’s Man” in the gallery above.

Weekly updates