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Listen: Nico Ghost – ‘Night Terrors’

After one listen, you will have found your new favourite Melbourne rapper

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Melbourne-based MC Nico Ghost is putting in work: aside from opening for Wu-Tang Clan’s Australian Tour, his killer track “Night Terrors” has just hit SoundCloud.

Drawing inspiration from Nelly, Kanye West and Lil Wayne, Ghost comes through with a sound that is wholly his own. It’s a tune that manages to mellow you out even though it builds a very intense vibe.

The 21-year-old rapper has his fair share of demons. In an interview with Noisey, Ghost said “I’m the only survivor of four brothers. Two were murdered, the other committed suicide. This all happened before I was 13. I died emotionally after that, that’s why I go with the name Nico Ghost. I was a ghost for a long time. I remember a lot from those younger years, tragic things rather than good memories but I kind of dealt with that later on in life.”

There is something refreshing about a new artist who is so willing to put themselves out there, in such an honest way. Aside from keeping it real, his flow is one to be reckoned with as he raps with total control, and just as much soul.

Give it a listen below.

  • Words: Emma Arnold

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