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Listen to Tinashe’s ‘Superlove’ (prod. by The Dream)

Contains sugary lyrics and irresistible sounds

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If you’re needing a dose of good old pop, listen to this sugary new track from Tinashe, flawlessly produced by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart. ‘Superlove’ is like injecting a pop hit directly into your system. A high of lovestruck lyrics and delightful beat drops, mixed with Tinashe’s freestyle rapping, ‘Superlove’ is dripping in sweetness. Think Nicki Minaj’s ‘Superbass’ mixed with a catchy pop hit from the ’80s.

The pop-synth sound, combined with the pulsing beats, are a feverish listening experience as Tinashe coos “if you’ve been looking for love, then I’ve been looking for you”. Tinashe’s rapping displays her range of talents, as she belts out “I’m so in love, I’m passionate… This is what love in Paris is. That young love, immaculate.” With her forthcoming album Joyride still in the making, we are expecting good things from Tinashe.

  • Words: Eleanor Beardsell

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