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REMI and Jordan Rakei stick to the facts on their latest track

"I’m proud that these kids feel a little less alone"

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PSA: REMI is ‘here to push limits.’ With tour dates coming up following an album release that is just around the corner and a spot at Falls Festival, there’s no doubt that this young rapper knows what it means to put in work. His latest track to hit SoundCloud, ‘Lose Sleep’, stands as a testimony to both the control he has over his flow and the momentum that is loaded behind his message.

Drawing from real experiences, REMI gives an insight into the profiling he was victim to from a young age. This honest recount ultimately doubles as an uplifting track where he emphasises the pride that should be normalised rather than discouraged for young people of colour.

The fan luv the young rapper has received since his last record has sourced motivation to continue speaking on his experiences growing up in the racist climate Australia fosters. “A lot of young mixed race Aussie kids have come to me talking about how much they can relate to the racial struggle in our music,” he said. “I don’t think that’s a good thing, but I’m proud that these kids feel a little less alone, because of some songs we didn’t think anyone would hear… Often you can feel like one crazy beige kid in a sea of ignorance shouting about equality. These kids helped change that for me.”

With the September 16 locked in for the drop for Divas and Demons, this track stands the third single off the album and sees Jordan Rakei come through with vocals that are, as REMI puts it, “liquid gold”. Of their collaborative work, REMI said that despite being “continents apart” during its making, “Jordan was able to match the tone and message immediately.”

There’s no doubt that this collab was made for a banger that we’ll probably be keeping on repeat for a while. Check it out below and be sure to check out the dates for REMI’s upcoming tour (including an appearance at Wollongong’s Yours and Owls Festival) alongside Baro while you’re at it.

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