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Hype DC and ACCLAIM present: Limit’d July Edition starring REMI

Featuring REMI, Left Foot Right Foot, sneaker drop info, and more

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This month’s issue of Limit’d is all about stepping, whether it’s stepping up to confrontation or stepping out of your comfort zone.

Melbourne rapper REMI covers the new issue after just finishing his second album Divas & Demons. REMI’s music is all about truth and that means not shying away from issues like racism or sexism. It’s this outspoken attitude that has made REMI one of the most politically and socially charged artists in Australian music. His mouth might get him into trouble sometimes but at least it’s for all the right reasons.

In our second feature this month we meet Max Blackmore, the curator of Left Foot Right Foot. LFRF is a website dedicated to walking guides that are simply written, accompanied by beautiful photography, and that always focus on practicality. Their guides are for when you want to break out of the city and would like some advice from someone who isn’t a dusty old park ranger.

Limit’d has all of this and tons more. It’s bursting with the freshest sneaker releases and Hypekit—Hype DC’s curated collection of apparel. Download the digital magazine to experience a new dimension of interactivity and add depth to your reading experience. Seamlessly flip between colourways and styles, go behind the scenes on our features, and shop directly from the application. Download it now!

Weekly updates