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“See, like, this song could be about shitting in my mouth and I have no idea if that’s what they are talking about. It looks great though.”

Our favourite rappers sat down together to react to CL and G-Dragon, two artists killing it in the k-pop game at the moment, and their reactions are priceless. The vid, released by 88rising, shows the likes of Ghostface Killah, Desiigner and Tory Lanez appearing shocked at the quality and production value of the k-pop vids.

Now, every single thing that came out of their mouths was quotable, but we’ve picked out some highlights. 21 Savage compared G-Dragon to an Asian Chris Brown. GoldLink was confused about G-Dragon’s gender. “Is that a girl?” he asked. “That’s a guy? He fly. She fly. They fly… I need to start making better music.” Also, who could look past Meechy Darko telling Zombie Juice to express himself. The love is real.

By the end of this video, 21 Savage said he wanted to follow CL on Instagram and Flatbush Zombies decided that they needed to go to Korea. The feelings are mutual. Desiigner’s dancing and Jazz Cartier with a bottle of Jack and a joint would have to be the highlights, though. What a time to be alive. Two thumbs up from all rappers. Check it out, as well as more highlights of CL and G-Dragon, in the gallery above. Happy watching, FAM.

Weekly updates