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Tinashe is known for her addictively catchy songs and fiery visuals, and returning with her latest release Flame, the pop queen delivers as per usual. With a stylistic departure from her previous release ‘Superlove’ but still her usual sultry voice, the R&B singer is seen dwindling between flaming ashes of a failed relationship that causes her to go from a sweet angel in love to an estranged, but damningly hot siren who, quite literally, sets things ablaze.

The video starts off with montages of Tinashe and her beau living in domestic bliss – there are pillow fights, cuddling and even breakfast in bed – until things go sour and then she’s singing ‘I’m pouring alcohol on your bed and lighting it on fire with a sparkler’.

The highlight of the three-and-a-half minute video is definitely when Tinashe’s dancing around in thigh-highs with her ex-man’s bedsheets (and house) going up in flames. Who knew you could do so much damage with two bottles of alcohol and a matchstick.

Tinashe’s sophomore album Joyride is still awaiting a release date from when it had been postposed last year, so until that happens, make sure to watch her music video. But don’t get any revenge ideas if you’ve just had a falling out, it’s probably not worth burning up an entire house.

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