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If you’re talking about Juicy Couture in 2017 you may as well be digging up dinosaur fossils. The love-hate brand was a hallmark of cringy early-2000s casual wear that (thankfully) faded into obscurity.

However, this trend of ironic nostalgia seems to have taken an obscure turn with hipster-think-tank, Urban Outfitters teaming with Juicy Couture for a limited-edition line of throwback tracksuits, tees and intimates. Of course, who better to promote this fusion of suburbanite culture and inner-city flare than Tinashe? The R&B singer-songwriter is the face of this new line and she pulls it off without a care in the world.

According to a press release by Urban Outfitters, “The Juicy Couture for Urban Outfitters collection allows us to curate the iconic tracksuit style of the early aughts for today’s customer and we think Tinashe is the perfect face to introduce the collection to a new generation.” The new line hits Urban Outfitter shelves February 13.

Check out some of the new line in the gallery above and head to Urban Outfitters for more on the collab.

Weekly updates