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Visual Diary: Keith Ape shredded his Sydney Stage

AKA the It G Ma video clip on steroids

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The Factory Theatre copped an absolute trashing this November after Keith Ape set a new precedent for turn ups. Yep, the South Korean rapper gave Sydney fans a show and a half, and luckily we have more than just Twitter videos to prove the heat.

With a meet-and-greet setting things off, the set that followed was the kind that left iPhone screens smashed and short people concussed. Homeboy Bryan Cha$e from The Cohort only added more fuel to the fire, and if anyone knows how to capture the lituation, it’s Darren Luk. Through his lens, we’ve copped a fresh look at both the warm up and the aftermath of the show. Considering a look at Keith Ape’s gram only shows two pictures from the show, we’re blessed that Luk was there to snap up every last second of the hype.

Saving his banger ‘It G Ma’ for the end might have seemed like a good idea in theory, but it left the crowd far too rowdy for the rapper to just stunt on out. Luckily for fans, Ape was more than happy to mingle with the swarming crowd after the show, making for a very un-tame second round of meet-and-greets.

Take a flick through the photo diary in the gallery above and be sure to check out some of Luk’s previous photo diaries (if you can handle the FOMO).

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