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Watch: Chuck Inglish – ‘L.E.D.’

Latest offering from 'Everybody's Big Brother'

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Michigan rapper Chuck Inglish, has dropped the video for ‘L.E.D.’ as part of his 2015 compilation Everybody’s Big Brother. Released on April 13, and featuring vocals from Yasmin, the clip serves us with an artsy look into the psychedelic, soulful, mid-tempo tune. “You’re gonna dance all alone, in the kitchen of your home / Let the sound of your soul, resonate through your soul” Inglish croons in a bathrobe and slippers. We’re feeling strong spiritual vibes from Yasmin as well, with her guru-style crystal ball. TK Anderson and Machete Bang Bang directed the piece, with Erin Granat heading the art direction and Andrew Gerety the cinematography. Check it out above.

Have a listen to the rest of his compilation below. You’ll find a pretty eclectic set of tunes.

  • Words: Louis Hanson

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