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It’s been nine years since we’ve heard any songs from Kevin Federline, but the drought is finally over and it gets real deep. His latest song titled ‘Hollywood’, is a collaboration with rapper Crichy Crich, who’s best known for getting Tara Reid’s name randomly tattooed on his body.

The video, that was released alongside the song, features (fake) Amber Rose’s fingers and (fake) Kanye West’s ass (we’ll let you put the pieces of the puzzle together there), as well as a parody of (fake) Leonardo DiCaprio all in a Hollywood exclusive party scene. The duo say their intent wasn’t to mock the artists but their video explored what’s hot on social media, which actually does make sense.

That aside, the song itself is a dig at how fake women are in Hollywood and rappers who wear phoney jewellery as well as an opportunity to brag about his own ‘fame’. Taking aim at these very active Twitter users is a pretty risky move and it’s only a matter of time before any one of them gives us their hot take on K-Fed’s comeback track.

Check out the video for yourself above, and have a listen to the full song below.



  • Words: Mikaela Ortolan

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