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Watch Vic Mensa slay a freestyle for Sway in the Morning

"This is hip-hop right here, ladies and gentlemen"

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Chicago MC and current ACCLAIM cover star Vic Mensa has just crushed an incredible ‘5 Fingers of Death’ Freestyle on the Sway in the Morning radio show.

Addressing topics such as police, politics and even the recent Orlando tragedy, Mensa sounded poised as ever with his lean flows and rapid-fire attacks. For four straight minutes the ‘No Chill’ singer barely pauses for breath and clearly sounds like an artist on the cusp of worldwide recognition and respect.

Even host Sway Calloway could hardly compose himself at the end, knocking over a mic and boldly announcing “This is how this shit should be done… This is hip-hop right here ladies and gentlemen!”

Mensa only recently dropped his new EP, There’s Alot Going On earlier this month via Roc Nation, with a release date for his debut record yet to be announced.

Check out his 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle rap in the above gallery and try convincing yourself this guy isn’t the real deal.

  • Words: Vincent Dwyer

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