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News recently surfaced that Yasiin Bey had been arrested in South Africa, where he’s been living for some time. Naturally, there’s been a lot of online chatter around what actually happened but the rapper has come out to address the situation himself, broadcasting his message through good mate Kanye West’s website.

In the lengthy recording, Bey drops a sombre freestyle to the vibe of Ye’s recently dropped ‘No More Parties in LA’. His bars speak on the ongoing Visa issues he’s had with the South African authorities, saying they want to deport him and his family. He goes on to thoroughly explain his situation, after much debate and speculation online, saying that he’s done nothing illegal, particularly when it comes to using this ‘world passport’, which seems to have started all the drama. Additionally, he confirmed he would be releasing his final album sometime this year, so there’s something to really look forward to… whenever it happens.

Listen to the full recording here.

Weekly updates