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Supreme continue to do whatever they want in new accessories collection

Surprise, surprise Supreme dropped some weird shit

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It’s that time of year again, where the world of fashion has a bit of a WTF moment in regards to our dear New York friends, Supreme. Honestly, why is anyone even in the least bit surprised at some of the so-called ‘accessories’ in the 2017 Spring/Summer collection. I mean, FW16 brought us that world famous Supreme brick as well as the ‘defender pen’ made in collaboration with Israeli firearm brand UZI. Nevertheless, it’s always worth having a look at what those stoner skaters down in NYC have cooked up this time.

As per usual, it’s already been a massive year for the brand, with a whole lot of hype around the imminent Supreme x Louis Vuitton, including some intense rumours that LV are buying out the streetwear brand, there now looks to be a leaked pricing list for the collab. On top of that, the brand’s director, Angelo Baque, announced he was leaving the brand after over 10 years. And now it comes time for the latest in their own collection, count your pennies and have a think about whether you need any of these.

01. Supreme/Coleman Mini Bike

This Supreme/Coleman off-road CT200U Mini Bike is gas powered and features a 196CTU engine. Supreme never seem to shy away from a bit of fun so why not team up with the crew synonymous with outdoor adventure. The Coleman Mini Bike retails for around $500USD without the Supreme branding, so it will be interesting to see what that bold white writing bumps this price tag up to.

02. Supreme Metrocard

Stating the obvious, Supreme love New York City. The brand has time and time again professed its devotion for the city that raised it. Now they’ve gone full on obsessed, teaming up with the most unlikely of partners, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to bring the people a branded Supreme Metrocard. The card is valid for two fares, $5.50 worth with your standard Metrocard, time will tell just how steep these fares will be.

03. Supreme x Cash Cannon

Not all of us are Jordan Belfort rich where we can make it rain money in our office on the daily. But, some of us may be rich enough to get our hands on the Supreme Money Gun, with some serious get rich or die trying vibes. This bad boy comes with custom Supreme $1000 bills which, knowing Supreme resale, could be worth even more than a grand one day.

04. FTP Button

Supreme has jumped into political waters, paying homage to some and condemning others in not-so-subtle terms. Fuck the President pin buttons are suitable for anyone feeling a bit of angst at the current political climate. If you’re a bit more ‘glass half full’ and a Barack lover, get your hands on the Obama Anorak instead.

05. The Incense Match

Finally something for those hippy hypebeasts or maybe just the hypebeast who doesn’t want his mum to know he’s smoking a Gatorade bong in his room. Teaming up with The Incense Match, Supreme bring this three pack of matches in rain, patchouli, and potpourri.

06. Origins Keychain

Another classic “what were you on when you thought of this?” keychain from Supreme. Made of moulded rubber, this keychain is the silhouette of a nude pregnant woman and a bright yellow baby is visible in the general womb area. If that isn’t whack enough, the ball the baby is kicking it in is removable. Which, considering it’s made of rubber might mean the baby is a bouncy ball inside a keyring mum? Confused.

07. Pills Ceramic Tray

The perfect gift for any geriatric hypebeast. This very not subtle tray features a colourful assortment of Supreme pills, probably not appropriate for every dinner party but certainly something to enjoy in your own time.