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Sydney born brand, Pseushi have just dropped Collection 2, an effortless marriage of style and street.

The collection is made up of hoodies and long-sleeve crew necks all in minimalist black or white but each with their own detailing.

The brand’s slogan “Slow Down Again” is featured on the back of several pieces in a bold white font. “Slow Down Again” is also seen in repetition on the back of one of the hoodies, embroidered in gold. The front of the hoodie boasts a landscape film photograph and is one of two film photographs that appear in the collection.

Other pieces include a long sleeve with unobtrusive stitching across the chest in the same colour as the top itself and a crew neck with a semi-gothic bold font ‘Pseushi’ on the front.

Pseushi’s co-founder Chris Loutfy said, “‘Slow Down Again’ is about slowing the relentless advance of technology and culture – sometimes you need to switch off and skip an upgrade.” This message certainly comes across in the understated fashion Pseushi has released.

Collection 2 was shot by Rachel Dray and styled by Christie Morgan. You can get spending here.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

Weekly updates