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These Margiela sneakers are next level distressed and it’s probably a bit much

Perfect if you want to blow a few month's rent on shoes that are literally falling apart

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Maison Margiela may have taken the distressed trend one step too far with their latest sneaker release. An update (or potentially a terrible downgrade depending on your perspective) to the brand’s well known Future style that was worn by Kanye West on his Yeezus tour, the Future Destroyed is basically a deconstructed, messed up version of the style featuring a slashed tongue, scuffed leather and literal staples. If that hasn’t put you off purchasing them, then perhaps the ludicrous $2040 price tag will. If you’re still interested and have money to burn, you can purchase them from Neiman Marcus. Just try not to be disappointed when people ask why you’re wearing a broken ass pair of sneakers.

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