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This imaginary IKEA and Nike sneaker builder is the collab you haven’t been waiting for

The agony of constructing IKEA furniture meets the world of footwear

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While designing a customised pair of sneakers on the internet and having them arrive on your doorstep a mere week or so later is probably not what our ancestors envisaged when they contemplated life in the future, it undeniably makes for a pretty creative online shopping experience. It’s also a concept ripe for parody, which The Kloons have done in their latest video, lampooning the Nike iD shoe customiser by hypothesising a potential collab between Nike and Ikea – the NIKEA Build It Yourself Shoe Service. The fake commercial explains the build it yourself system in hilarious detail, showing how you can literally  construct and sew the shoe yourself, piece by piece (‘Just do it yourself’), or hire a helper to do it for you, which anyone with experience building anything from Ikea knows would be all too necessary. After the recent homage to the Ikea bag by Balenciaga, and Kanye’s infamous tweet about the store last year, it seems Ikea is becoming hot property, meaning this truly terrible collab might not be so far of becoming a reality.

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