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Views from Melbourne’s Kanye West pop-up store

Fans were fiending for a piece of the god dream

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It’s been pretty exciting few days for Kanye West fans, with the rapper staging yet another international-scale surprise installation – the opening of 21 pop-up stores selling merch for his latest album The Life of Pablo. While things seem to still be in full swing in the northern hemisphere, it’s slowed down considerably in Melbourne, with the unprecedented attendance over the first two days resulting in the Fitzroy location selling out of stock before the weekend was even done. Featuring a range of apparel in styles previously seen on Yeezy himself, Pablo stans braved #melbourneweather to cop their own piece of the God Dream, including tees, sweats, jackets, and caps.

We managed to pay a quick visit on Friday afternoon, getting an inside look at exactly what was enticing Melburnians out by the masses. So for those that missed out, this will probably cause ultimate fomo but you can probably expect a healthy amount of merch to be floating around via your usual reseller sources. Check out the snaps from the pop-up site above.

Melbourne’s location is now sold out and the final day’s trading hours have now been removed from Kanye West’s website.

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