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Who can actually afford the Supreme and Louis Vuitton collab?

This level of hype and luxury is reserved for a select few

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Supreme can basically do whatever they want and get away with it. They found a beautiful lil niche in the market, built an empire and have since sold whatever they please at whatever prices they please—which are normally pretty attainable but the goods’ after-market value is where the real money is. How could we ever forget that Supreme brick? So when high end skatewear meets luxury label Louis Vuitton for a collab, it really shouldn’t come as a massive shock that the prices are higher than what most of us would spend on brand new car.

Your standard Louis Vuitton trunk, like the Malle Courrier 110 will set you back a cool $24,700 USD, but when you pimp a LV trunk by making it red and slapping that Supreme red box on for good measure, you’re going to be down a significant, $68,500. Something tells us the skateboard carrier wasn’t released with your everyday skater in mind, tagged at $54,500 USD the skateboard and accessories will be unlikely to see any real action.

Somewhat ironically, this collab comes after Louis Vuitton issued a cease & desist letter to Supreme for its use of the LV logo 17 years ago. Supreme was forced to recall the collection but unsurprisingly not many people returned the now uber rare, uber expensive items. And while the street value of those grails are bound to be priceless, at least the French label now has an official stake in the hype.

Since the turn of the century, the worlds of luxury fashion and streetwear have become increasingly intertwined as hip-hop artists find that sweet spot between class and cool. The items fans aspire to obtain have gone from band t-shirts to straight up designer goods. The only issue is, as these worlds collide, are us lil folk going to be able to afford anything? Or are we being priced out of the equation altogether?

Check out some items from the collection the the gallery above and you can revisit the runway show here. You’ll have to wait/save every single dollar you have for that July 17 drop.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

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