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Yasiin Bey has been named creative director of this South African label

Unkown Union welcomes inspiration, creativity and social movement

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Unknown Union has a new creative director, world-renowned artist, intellectual and social activist, Yasiin Bey. The man who travelled the world and found his new home in Africa will help the company by overseeing new design concepts and collaborations alongside Dr. Barbaro Martines-Ruiz.

The founder and CEO of Unknown Union said in a statement about the company’s move, “I feel honoured to work with individuals equally passionate about discovering and responding to the knowledge and wisdom conveyed through art, culture and the living traditions of generations past and present. We’ve definitely embarked upon an inspiring venture.”

The news comes after South African government reportedly attempted to have Bey deported from the country following his arrest for allegedly travelling with a fake passport. But not even that could stop the Brooklyn native from celebrating his new role alongside Unknown Union, who, to coincide with their announcement, has debuted The Original Royals Collection which is available now here.

  • Words: Mikaela Ortolan

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